Keeping all your system protection software updated is one of the best ways to protect it from the myriad of threats that exist online. Webroot Internet Security Plus has automatic, cloud-based updates that help keep your system secure at all times.

How to Update Webroot Internet Security Plus

Automatic Cloud-based Updates

Webroot Internet Security Plus has automatic cloud-based updates included with the program. You can enable or disable this option at any time by going into the Advanced Settings -> Install Settings -> Automatically download and apply updates.

Manual Updates

You can run Webroot Internet Security Plus manual updates by viewing My Account -> Settings -> About SecureAnywhere.

Click on “Check for software updates” to receive any available updates. If your Webroot is up-to-date, a window will appear and say “You are currently using the newest SecureAnywhere software.” However, manual updates are mostly unnecessary now as the automatic cloud updates require no involvement by the user.

To Recap…

Webroot Internet Security Plus includes automatic and manual update options that users can choose to enable. With automatic cloud updates, Webroot Internet Security plus provides users with complete protection
from all types of online threats without having to worry so they can stay productive on their computers

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