Installing UnHackMe on your system is quick and straightforward. Whether you are new to computer security software or an expert, installing UnHackMe on your system is no different than with any other software package.

First, type in “unhackme” in your internet search. A link will appear that will bring you to the UnHackMe main product page when clicked.

Click on the “Download” Menu on the top left of the main page. Then, click on your preferred language. Click “Accept and Download” after reading UnHackMe’s terms and conditions.

A file titled “” will then download and appear in the bottom part of your Windows screen. Click on this file to open the extract utility on your system. Run the setup file shown in this utility screen.

The UnHackMe Setup Wizard will then appear. Click “next” and accept the license agreement.

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UnhackMe Setup Wizard

Click “Next” a few more times and install the program into your selected folder. By clicking “Finish”, the setup will complete and the main program will appear. At this time, an initial scan will start automatically. It is recommended to let this run, but if you would like to stop it, just click “skip” in the center of the scan window.

UnhackMe Initial Scan

Once the initial scan is finished, the main UnHackMe product window will appear and you can scan your system for any threats.

UnhackMe Main Window

To Recap…

Installing UnHackMe takes only a few minutes and is easy to do. For more information about UnHackMe, continue reading our other posts on this powerful system protection tool.

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