Webroot Mobile Security Android Smartphone Installation

How to Install Webroot Mobile Security On Your Android Smartphone

Installing the Webroot Mobile Security app for Android is fairly easy. Google has made finding and downloading apps simple and fast on their Google Play Store.

Webroot Mobile Security Android Smartphone Installation Google Play App

First, go to the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone. Find the Webroot Mobile Security app by typing the keywords into the search box. Click on the Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus App that appears in the list.

Choose to Install. The downloading will begin and takes about 1 minutes or less.

Click “Open.”

Click “Agree & Launch” to agree to the terms and conditions.

Click “Allow” to allow Webroot to access the files on your device.

It will the state “If you have a key code, enter it to activate additional features.” If you have already purchased Webroot Internet Security Plus, then your version should have a key code shown in the Webroot Secure Anywhere main program window. Enter this key code into the field.

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Webroot Mobile Security Android Smartphone Installation Warning

When this is successful, it may go to a screen showing a warning about items that need your attention.

The program will state to choose to “Fix This Now”. This could tell you that certain security measures on your smartphone are turned off. You can choose to turn them on at this time.

For example, the “Unknown Sources Shield” is one that may be brought to your attention in this screen. Also, you can choose “View Additional Features” for activation in this same screen.

You can choose to install the Webroot SecureWeb browser by clicking “Install” or “Cancel.”

Once all alerts are concluded, it should say “You are protected”. Click “Finish.”

Webroot Mobile Security Android Smartphone Installation Scan

You can then scan for threats. Click “Scan for Threats Now”, or hit your smartphone’s back arrow button to leave the Webroot Mobile Security App.

After the following scan is complete, it will tell you if any threats or problems are found.

That completes the setup of Webroot Mobile Security for your Android smartphone.

Webroot Mobile Security Android Smartphone Installation App Icon

To use the Webroot Mobile Security scanning feature, tap on the white and green padlock icon on your Android smartphone screen. When the app opens, tap “Scan for Threats Now”.

If you have any issues you can visit various help resources online or contact Webroot support.

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