Is SpyHunter Free To Use

Is SpyHunter Free to Use?

SpyHunter is not an entirely free malware removal tool. Any site offering SpyHunter as a free download is likely only offering the trial version. Also, these offerings may have malicious attachments on their home site and the word “free” may only be used to lure the user to see their other offerings, so beware.

It is recommended to use the full version of SpyHunter over “free” malware removal tools because of its more effective malware protection and removal capabilities.

Any “cracked” or “free” SpyHunter download site could be setting up the user for a virus infection. It is best to get the paid version of any antivirus or anti malware software program, as this means it is a legit product.

A free trial can be downloaded from the Enigma Software website at The free trial allows for a one-time scan and 48-hour remediation tool. Certain promotional and special discount offerings may be attached to the trial, depending on when it was downloaded.

For more detailed information regarding Enigma’s policies, review the EULA, Privacy Policy, and Threat Assessment Criteria.

What SpyHunter Costs

The paid version has a subscription price of $42.00 for a 6 month period, subject to additional taxes and fees. You can choose additional purchase options, such as RegHunter, to fix your PC’s registry and performance.

Payment options include Paypal and major credit cards such as Mastercard, VISA, and American Express. A 30-day money back guarantee is attached to the product and it comes with 24 / 7 support.

SpyHunter 5 comes with Spyware HelpDesk which provided custom technician fixes for unsolved malware threats, whenever needed.

It is recommended that SpyHunter be used alongside another complete antivirus program to fully protect a user’s system against all types of threats. SpyHunter alone may not catch all malware that can attack a computer system. So to be safe, try to cover all the bases for threat protection.

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