Trying software before you buy it is a very prudent thing to do. Many features can be tested to see how well they work and function on your system. Exterminate It! has a trial version of their product available on their website.

To get the trial version, simply go to the Exterminate It! website and you will see the download link on the upper left side of the main page. Click this link.

The download file called “ExterminateItSetup.exe” will appear in the bottom left of your Windows screen. Clicking this will start the setup process for the trial version.

A window will then appear asking you to allow the program to make changes to your device. Click “Yes”.

Exterminate It! Installation

The Exterminate It! Setup window will appear. Click “Next” a few more times and select the folder you want to install the program into.

Exterminate It Setup

To complete the trial version installation, you will need to provide an email address to receive the activation code. You will receive this code via email and can enter it in the next window.

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Included Features

Most features of the full version are included with the trial version of Exterminate It! These include:

  • Scan and detect for malware
  • Submit State
  • Updates

To have malware removed from your system requires the full paid version.

The trial version is only for 7 days, after which you will have to purchase the full version. You can also purchase the full version at any time before the trial version runs out.

Using the Exterminate It! trial version is a good way to test out this useful security tool before deciding to spend money on the full version. Since the trial period only lasts 7 days, make sure to get the full use of it as soon as you install it.

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