If you are familiar with anti-virus software, then you know that ease-of-use is vital to it being practical. UnHackMe is no different in this regard, and should cause little trouble for new users to learn how to operate.

User Friendly GUI

UnHackMe has a very user friendly GUI, with all tools and functions accessible within only a few clicks of the main program window.

The main program window includes the following menu choices:

  • Scan
  • Options
  • Logs
  • Register


The top menu has a “Help” selection you can use at any time to find answers to questions you may have.

UnhackMe Easy To Use

The Help menu lists:

  • Contents
  • Language
  • Support
  • Check Updates
  • About

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The “Support” selection allows you to contact customer support at any time for help. This will direct you to the UnHackMe website where you can enter your data into the form, then submit it to the support team.

This also includes the ability to online chat with a support representative for further assistance.

Scans are Easy

To scan your system, just click “Scan and Fix!” A full scan will take about 5 minutes. When it is finished, the scan results window will appear with options on how to proceed and fix any issue that arose.

To Recap…

Overall, UnHackMe is a very simple and powerful program you can use to keep your system protected from all types of online threats.

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