Is Unhackme Safe

Is UnHackMe Safe?

Determining which antivirus software to download and use on your system is not necessarily an easy task. This is made harder by the fact that some seemingly worthwhile software are in fact malware that will infect your computer after they are downloaded. UnHackMe, by Greatis Software, is an effective system protection tool. But is it considered safe?

What is Unsafe Software?

Unsafe, or “rogue” software, is any type of program that can threaten a user’s system. Antivirus and anti-malware programs can fall into this category if they are malicious by nature. These programs often enter computers by tricking users into installing them.

Even if a program promises to fix or speed up a system, it may actually be malware designed to harm it.

Often, these rogue antivirus programs will alert a user to hundreds of different viruses it found on their system. They will then offer to fix them with an additional program or solution that can cost a user up to several hundred dollars.

Even after paying for additional tools to fix these fake problems, the rogue software may not do anything beneficial. Additional software downloads may only further infect your system more.

This can result in rogue software stealing your identity for use by hackers to access your bank accounts and records.

Once installed, rogue software is incredibly difficult to uninstall, and many are designed this way intentionally.

A good antivirus program will actually be able to detect these rogue software programs even before they can be installed.

Read Software Reviews

To protect yourself from these dangerous programs, read product reviews before you make a purchase. Make sure they are published in computer and technical journals that have tested the product and its download process. Also, be sure to only download software from companies you trust.

For more information, read our complete UnHackMe Review here.

Is UnHackMe Safe?

Greatis Software, the makers of UnHackMe, is considered a safe site according to Norton Safeweb. UnHackMe may not be safe if it is downloaded from a non-trusted source, such as offering the product for “free” or with additional patches.

Avoid downloading the program from cracked software sites offering the unlocked version. This is both dangerous for your system and probably illegal as well.

To Recap…

A key to keeping your system protected is to not download unsafe antivirus software. UnHackMe is a safe antivirus and anti-rootkit program and is available for download right now.

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