Max Secure Antivirus Plus Review

Max Secure Antivirus Plus Review

Having a computer system in today’s Internet connected world also means having good anti-virus protection. In this article, we do a full review of Max Secure Anti Virus Plus for the PC.

Max Secure Software Overview

Max Secure Software

Max Secure Software is a global software company that makes cyber security and privacy products. Whether you are a student, parent, or a professional, Max Secure Software products can help protect you and your computer from all kinds of global digital threats.

The company provides 24-7 customer support to customers with backing from a qualified technical team of professionals that will assist with any of their issues. Max Secure products focus on simplicity and integrity in an effort to provide the right solutions for customers.

They have been making solutions for computer users since 2002, protecting them from malware, spyware, and other viruses. There products work on a range of systems and devices, including PC’s, Macs, and those that run Android, Blackberry, and iOS.

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About Max Secure Antivirus Plus

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus is a light and fast antivirus program for your Windows PC. It can run automatic scans and includes daily updates. The program’s capabilities include “SMART SCAN” Anti Virus Technology to protect your computer from the latest and most dangerous threats.

What it Detects

Max Secure Antivirus Plus is designed to detect, remove, or block the following:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Scareware
  • Ransomware
  • Blocks ActiveX
  • Blocks Browser helper Objects
  • Blocks Tracking cookies
  • Prevents zero-day attacks
  • Prevents homepage hijackers

Max Secure Antivirus GUI / Interface

Max Secure Anti Virus Main Window

Max Secure Antivirus Plus has a main menu with these selections:

  • Scan Now
  • Tools
  • Live Update
  • Support
Max Secure Anti Virus Scan

The Max Security Antivirus Scan Window includes these selections:

  • Quick Scan
  • Custom Scan
  • Full Scan
  • Scheduler
  • Report
  • Scan Stat

Max Secure Antivirus Scans

Quick Scan

The quick scan function will scan your system in just a few minutes. This should be used regularly, as a must-do thing for your computer’s security. Quick scan will only scan places that are considered the most common for viruses and malware to hide, specifically those in Windows system folders, your Documents and Settings folder, and the registry.

Quick scan is good for finding viruses that automatically load at startup.

However, quick scan will be limited in its ability to detect all threats currently on your system. For this, you will need a Full Scan.

Custom Scan

Max Secure Custom Scan

Creating a custom scan is very easy. Just select the files or folders you want to scan and click “start scan”. You can also choose to do a deep scan of the selected folders.

Full Scan

A full scan will scan through every file on each drive you select and will take a lot longer than a quick scan. A full scan can take up to 2 hours if you have many programs and files on your system.

Max Secure Anti Virus Full Scan

A full scan can include a deep scan and / or a critical scan. A deep scan will examine all of your computer’s hard drive, RAM, and removable drives for any signs of malware. It will also scan startup programs and the Windows registry.

A critical scan will scan the programs that load during startup of the operating system, the system memory, and boot sectors of the disk drive.

In our test, we ran a full, critical, and deep scan on a system with only basic office programs and a small amount of files, and it took roughly 25 minutes to complete.

You can continue working on your computer while the full scan is in progress, but you might notice a slight drop in computer performance.


The scheduler is very easy to set up. Just choose daily, weekly, hourly, or by-minutes scans. You can choose quick or full scans and also if you want threats logged or cleaned entirely from the system.

Max Secure Anti Virus Scheduler

Computer technicians recommend having a daily scheduled quick scan to protect your computer. If you use your system often, then scheduling a full scan once per week might be a good idea.


The report will show the system threats that were discovered and identified during your last scan. This lists the name, type, and action taken to fix your system.

Scan Stat

The scan stat will show the number of scans run on selected dates on a graph for you to view.

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Max Secure Antivirus Additional Tools

All the tools you can use are only 2-3 clicks away from first opening the program. These are a great addition to the main scanning functions of the program and really add value to the software.

Max Secure Anti Virus Tools

The following tools are listed in this window:

Max Application Whitelist allows the user to limit files or applications that can be installed which will strengthen the system’s security defenses.

Max Crypt Monitor is for ransomware pre-protection. This is not to be confused with a “crypto” monitor which deals with cryptocurrencies.

Password Manager allows password protection. Password managers are applications that serve as the solution for maintaining a large number of passwords and account information. They store the login information of various accounts and automatically enter them into the forms. This helps in the prevention of hacker attacks such as keystroke logging, and it prevents the need to remember multiple passwords.

USB Manager will automatically scan removable USB sticks. Once a USB stick is scanned, a voice will say “scan is complete”.

Browser Fix can be useful to remove any unwanted internet browser toolbars, cookies, cache, and extensions. However, a full reset will also remove saved passwords, settings, and bookmarks.

Max Backup Utility will run a backup of important data on your system.

Max Backup Utility

Max Adware Cleaner cleans adware entries.

Max Secure Adware Cleaner

Live Update Fix will fix any issue with updates if a virus or spyware has affected its functioning.

Iexplorer Fix will scan and remove complex malware.

Max Registry Backup allows you to back up and restore the computer’s registry.

Max Secure Registry Fix will let you restore the registry to a previous state.

Max Secure Rootkit / Complex Spyware Scanner will scan your drives for any rootkit or spyware threats. It can also clean these infections from your system.

Services and Drivers List Utility

Max Secure Anti Virus Services Drivers List

This tool will show the services and drivers list that are installed on your system.

System Volume Info Cleaner will clean up the system volume information folder that may be infected with viruses and unwanted files.

Submit Samples allows you to submit file samples to the Max Secure Software server to help fix an issue.

Max Secure Folder Unhider is used for unhiding virus/spyware on your PC or USB drive.

Max PC Diagnosis allows the user to the optimize processes of their system.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does not include a virtual keyboard.

Max Secure Antivirus Support

Max Secure Anti Virus Support

Contacting Max Secure support is very quick and easy. Just click on the “Live Chat” button on the right hand side of the Support window and you are quickly connected to a skilled support technician on the other end. You will have to enter your name, email, and phone number into a website link before you can connect to a chat representative.

We contacted live chat at 2 a.m. PST to see how responsive they are, and they were immediately available to answer any of our questions.

Max Secure Antivirus Live Updates

Max Secure Anti Virus Live Update

This will download new threat definitions, virus scan engine updates, and other product updates. The entire live update process took us no more than a few minutes to complete.

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Max Secure Antivirus Max Shield

Max Shield is the Active Protection Shield that comes with Max Secure Antivirus Plus and is there to stop threats from entering your system.

This is located on the right side of the lower bar in the main program window. However, Max Shield can only be accessed by using the full version which you can purchase.

Shield options can be disabled/enabled at any time by right clicking on the Windows system tray icon of Max Secure Antivirus Plus. Clicking on the Max Shield button on the bottom right of the main Max Secure Antivirus Plus window will open it. This comes with many live monitoring options including:

  • IE Home Page Protection
  • Tracking Cookie Protection
  • Active Monitor
  • System File Protection
  • Network Monitor
  • File Association Monitor
  • Windows Restrictions Monitor
  • IE Restrictions Monitor

Max Secure Antivirus Settings & Options


The Settings can be found on the lower bar of the main program window. Clicking this will bring up a selection that includes:

  • Custom Settings
  • Advance Settings
  • Proxy Settings
  • Scan By Name
  • Product Info


Options can be found on the lower bar of the main program window. This has the following to choose from:

  • Exclude / Recover
  • Cookies / BHO
  • Recover
  • Registry / Hosts File
  • Net Fix
  • Process / TCP View
  • Startup Entries

Many of these choices can only be utilized by downloading the full version.

On the main program window, you can select “Last Scan History” to view details from your last scan.

Desktop Program Selection Icon

Max Secure Antivirus Plus comes with a handy desktop icon that has the following selections:

  • Scan
  • Live Updates
  • Max Backup Utility

Our Max Secure Antivirus Test

We tested the performance of Max Secure Antivirus Plus on our standard mid-range desktop antivirus test PC. Below are the specifications:

  • Desktop PC Model: HP Pavilion 595
  • Processor: 8th generation Intel Core I5-8400
  • RAM: 12 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM Memory
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB 7200 RPM HD, 128 GB PCIe Solid State Drive
  • Video Card: Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Software:  Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, included pre-installed software on system.
  • File types:  xls, txt, doc, mp3, mp4, jpeg, jpg, bmp, png, pdf, docx, exe, wav, wma, bat
  • Average file size: 4.4 MB

Max Secure Antivirus Test Scan Performance

Scan Type: Deep and Critical Full Scan

Time to Finish: 22 minutes

Total Files Scanned: 295,187

Max Secure Antivirus Plus FAQs

For frequently asked questions and answers about Max Secure Antivirus Plus, see our Max Secure Antivirus FAQs page here.

Max Secure Antivirus Plus Review in Summary

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus is a complete and powerful anti virus program that is easy to use, sufficiently advanced, and fast.

If you are a college student on a budget, a parent, or a retiree who just needs a laptop to run without trouble, anti virus software is a must. Based on our tests, we recommended this tool to anyone looking for system protection software.

If used alongside existing or additional malware and rootkit detection software, a user’s system can be highly protected from even the newest and most dangerous threats with Max Secure Antivirus Plus.

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