NETGATE Internet Security VS Exterminate It!

Netgate Internet Security VS. Exterminate It!

There are many antivirus and system security tools available that you can download to protect your computer from online threats. In this post, we compare Netgate Internet Security and Exterminate It! to help you choose which is best.

Netgate Internet Security

NETGATE Internet Security is a powerful system security package that handles many types of internet threats including spyware, adware, and phishing. Netgate Internet Security combines two component programs, Spy Emergency and Fortknox Firewall. These two provide complete system protection from viruses and other online threats. Many types of online attacks can be stopped using this program. The Fortknox Firewall provides a firewall capability that is also included with several other complete antivirus packages on the market.


  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-spam
  • Firewall included


  • NO VPN

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Exterminate It!

Exterminate It! is a powerful application that detects and removes all types of malware, such as rootkits and trojans. It has a user friendly GUI and runs quickly and reliably. It comes with continuous updates to keep your system protected from the newest threats.


  • Submit State function included
  • Anti-malware focused
  • Low system resource usage
  • 24 hours customer support
  • Free custom updates


  • Limited Independent Testing
  • No Firewall
  • No VPN

Exterminate It! works well alongside another existing antivirus or firewall software as its system protection is focused more on anti-malware. It can provide extra threat removal capabilities that your other antivirus may miss.

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  • Netgate Internet Security – €49.75 ($55.70 USD)
  • Exterminate It! – $24.99


Both Netgate Internet Security and Exterminate It! provide effective protection from online threats. The price disparity is related to the additional firewall included with Netgate Internet Security. However, if you are looking for a security tool to use alongside your existing antivirus software, Exterminate It! could be worth looking at.

To Recap…

This comparison should help you see the differences between these two security programs. They both provide effective protection in their own unique ways but have some overlap between them in terms of capabilities.

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