Believe it or not, webcam hacking does exist and can seriously compromise the security of your family. Having effective anti-malware protection installed on your PC can go a long way in stopping this. Norton Antivirus Plus will protect your webcam by stopping dangerous malware from infecting your computer.

What is Webcam Hacking?

Webcams can provide hackers with detailed user information including behavioral traits, communications, logins, access codes, shopping activity, and more. These can all be used for criminal leveraging against individuals including extortion and blackmail. If you are a working professional, your video conferencing software is also vulnerable to hacking. In fact, free how-to sites on the web make learning to webcam hack easy for would-be cybercriminals. Having protection from these thieves is crucial to protect your data and privacy.

Is Your Webcam Hacked?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to know if a hacker is using your webcam to spy on you. If your webcam camera’s LED light is blinking randomly, it could be broken or hacked. Or, if your anti-virus detects a virus or malware infection, a hacker could also be using your webcam.

Here are a few signs of a hacked webcam:

  • Webcam LED light blinks randomly
  • You don’t have a firewall
  • Your PC has a virus or malware infection
  • Your antivirus software is out of date

Programs Used for Webcam Hacking

Malware is the primary tool a hacker uses to access a webcam. Types of malware that specifically affect webcams include Trojan Horses, spyware, and remote administration tools (RAT). Users may unsuspectingly install these from sources that seem legitimate via website downloads, email attachments, or P2P file sharing sites.

Ways to prevent Webcam Hacking

There are several things you can do to prevent webcam hacking:

  • Use a secure Wi-Fi
  • Avoid free webcam protection software
  • Install a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Keep your antivirus software updated
  • Use a firewall
  • Check if your webcam indicator light turns on randomly

Having effective anti-malware software installed on your system may be the best and most convenient thing you can do to stop this threat.

Will Norton Antivirus Plus Protect Your Webcam?

Norton Antivirus Plus can protect your webcam through several means. It includes a firewall to prevent online threats such as malware from sneaking onto your system. I can also protect against malware, including Trojan horses, spyware, and RAT’s that could affect your webcam software and compromise your safety. These are very important to have, as you might inadvertently install malware on your computer or device thinking it is a legitimate program. Norton Antivirus Plus can prevent this by detecting and removing this threat from your system without requiring your assistance.

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Other Norton Products That Can Protect Your Webcam

Norton Security is a part of Norton 360 products. This can protect your webcam while offering continuous updates to stay ahead of online threats. Free webcam software may not include needed updates so installing them will only protect your webcam for a short time, if at all.

Norton Security includes SafeCam which specifically blocks unauthorized webcam access to your PC. This is a service that is not included with Norton Antivirus Plus.

To Recap…

Webcam hackers are a very real threat and can use your computer to spy on you without you knowing it. Only having a powerful set of system tools can stop this threat. Norton Antivirus Plus protects your webcam from hackers by stopping harmful malware from infecting your system.

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