UnHackMe FAQs

Below we answer many common frequently asked questions about Norton Antivirus Plus.  For more information, read our complete UnHackMe Review here.

Can You Use UnHackme for Windows?

UnHackMe, by Greatis Software, is specifically designed to work only on Windows based systems.

UnHackMe’s System Requirements:

  • Windows 9x, 2000 / 2003 / XP / 2008 / Vista / 7 / or 10
  • 32 or 64 bit systems
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • CD/DVD drive or USB stick
  • 70 MB available hard drive space

Does UnHackMe Work With Windows 10?

Yes Greatis UnHackMe works with Windows 10. However, if you do upgrade to Windows 10 from a previous Windows version, you are required to download the latest version of UnHackMe. If not, your old version can return a threat detection.

Can You Use UnHackMe On iOS?

No. UnHackMe is designed to work only on Windows operating systems. It won’t work on Apple iOS.

What Web Browsers Does UnHackMe Work With?

UnHackMe only works with the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Yandex

Does UnHackMe Work With Chrome?

Yes. UnHackMe works with Chrome browsers.

Does UnHackMe Work With Firefox?

Yes. UnHackMe works with Mozilla Firefox.

Does UnHackMe Work with Safari?

No. UnHackMe does not work with the Safari web browser.

Does UnHackMe Block Ransomware?

Yes. UnHackMe blocks ransomware when caught with the Network Shield built into the program. It will also detect the affects of installed ransomware on your system and remove it.

Once ransomware has entered your system, another tool is needed to find it. This is where UnHackMe shines, as it both detects (prevents) and removes threats that can hide deep within your system.

Does UnHackMe Block Malware?

Yes. UnHackMe is specially designed to catch and remove malware that other antivirus programs will not detect. UnHackMe provides 2 levels of defense against malware attacks. It has the ability to both prevent and remove all the types of malware, including:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Spyware
  • Worms
  • Ransomware
  • Adware
  • Botnets

UnHackMe has a database of known malware that is updated as new threats are created and released on the Internet.

Does UnHackMe Block Scareware?

Scareware is malware that uses shock tactics to scare users into downloading additional software to fix an issue that does not exist. These are scam software solutions, often which are actual viruses or other malware that will not fix the fake problem.

UnHackMe blocks scareware when caught with the Network Shield built into the program. It can also detect scareware on your system and remove it.

Does UnHackMe Block Spyware?

Yes. UnHackMe detects and removes spyware along with other types of malicious software. In fact, UnHackMe will remove spyware that gets past other antivirus programs. The Spyware that UnHackMe blocks includes:

  • Adware
  • Cookies
  • Trojans
  • System monitors
  • Web beacons
  • Rootkits
  • Keyloggers

Does UnHackMe Block Phishing?

Yes. UnHackMe is designed to help combat phishing.

Phishing viruses do not create or change your files. Instead, they hide in the Windows registry, shortcuts, and scheduled tasks. Sometimes, the virus is just the URL of a malicious website that can affect your browser or pass information to your system.

A typical antivirus program is useful for repairing viruses in files, but it does not help in detecting and repairing fileless malware. UnHackMe is designed to deal with phishing malware and is fully compatible with other antivirus and antirootkit software.

Can UnHackme Remove Malware?

Yes. UnHackMe both detects and removes malware from your system. It is specifically designed to remove malware that other antivirus software cannot. The malware that UnHackMe can remove includes:

  • Viruses
  • Trojan horses
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Scareware

By removing malware, UnHackMe therefore prevents these types of effects on your system and information security:

  • A changed homepage
  • Slow computer start up
  • Pop-ups that appear regularly
  • Slow internet speed
  • Changed file names
  • Strange browser behavior
  • Unwanted sent emails
  • Excessive network activity

Does UnHackme Protect Against Trojans?

Yes. UnHackMe protects against trojans. It is designed to compliment existing antivirus software as a 2nd tier defense. UnHackme has a special database of malware definitions that includes trojans. The trojans UnHackMe can block and remove include:


  • Backdoors
  • Exploits
  • Rootkits
  • Trojan-Bankers
  • Trojan-GameThieves
  • Trojan-Spies

Can UnHackMe Protect Against Hackers?

Yes. UnHackMe is designed specifically to protect your system from hackers and the software they use. These include all types of viruses and malware, especially those that sneak past other antivirus programs. UnHackMe is also designed to watch for infections from the early stage of the Windows boot process.

UnHackMe is very good at at fixing many issues caused by hackers which other antivirus programs do not. For instance, virus creators use fileless malware which operate out of the Windows registry, WMI and scheduled tasks. Other antivirus programs can fix viruses in files, but they can not help detect or fix a smart hacker’s fileless malware that lives in the registry.

Will UnHackme Protect My Email?

Yes. UnHackMe is designed to detect, stop and remove malware that can infect your system from your email accounts.

UnHackMe cannot stop you from falling for social engineering tactics used by cyber-criminals. However, it can help prevent harm to your system if you do fall victim to an email threat or those in your contacts list.

Does UnHackme Have a Site Blocker?

Yes. UnHackMe has a site blocker that can block any site you choose. However, in our testing we found the site blocker to be ineffective in several cases.

UnHackMe Site Block List

UnHackMe has a site blocking capability for any website. The program also has a pre-made list of sites you can choose to block.

UnhackMe Site Block List

Using the Block List is simple. Just enter the website address with its extension and click “Add” in the “Manage Your Block List” window. For more information, read our UnHackMe Review here.

However, we found UnHackMe is not be entirely effective for blocking websites. If you add a website address and click “Save”, the website may still appear in your Chrome browser when the address is entered in the address bar. We also tested it with a Microsoft Edge browser and it also did not work. You may want to use another more sophisticated site blocker alongside UnHackMe for maximum protection.

Will UnHackme Slow Down My Computer?

Generally No. If your system meets the minimum requirements below you should not experience much, if any, slowness from UnHackMe.

UnHackMe System Requirements

  • Windows 9x, 2000/2003/XP/2008/Vista/Seven or higher, 32 or 64 bit
  • 512 Mb RAM

UnHackMe Performance Test

We tested UnHackMe on a Windows 10 PC with 12 GB of installed RAM.

While running a full scan, we opened Windows Resource Monitor to check the total threads in use by UnHackMe. The Resource Monitor showed only a small amount of resource usage when running a scan.

UnhackMe Scan CPU

As is shown here, the amount of resources used by the UnHackMe scan was minimal in comparison to other programs running on our system.

Is UnHackme Easy to Use?

Yes. In our testing and day-to-day use, we have found UnHackMe to be quite easy to use. It should cause little trouble for new users to learn how to operate.

UnHackMe has a very user friendly GUI, with all tools and functions accessible within only a few clicks of the main program window.

The main program window includes the following menu choices:

  • Scan
  • Options
  • Logs
  • Register

The top menu has a “Help” selection making it simple to find answers to questions you may have.

UnhackMe Easy To Use

The Help menu lists:

  • Contents
  • Language
  • Support
  • Check Updates
  • About

For more information, read our complete UnHackMe Review here.

The “Support” selection allows you to contact customer support at any time for help. This directs you to the UnHackMe website where you can enter your data into the form, then submit it to the support team. This also includes the ability to online chat with a support representative for further assistance.

Scans are also easy to do with UnHackMe. To scan your system, just click “Scan and Fix!” A full scan will take about 5 minutes. When it is finished, the scan results appear clearly with options on how to fix any issues.

How to Install UnHackme?

Installing UnHackMe on your system is quick and straightforward.

  1. type in “unhackme” in your internet search. A link will appear that will bring you to the UnHackMe main product page when clicked
  2. Click on the “Download” Menu on the top left of the main page. Then, click on your preferred language. Click “Accept and Download” after reading UnHackMe’s terms and conditions.
  3. A file titled “unhackme.zip” will then download and appear in the bottom part of your Windows screen.
  4. Click on this file to open the extract utility on your system.
  5. Run the setup file shown in this utility screen.
  6. The UnHackMe Setup Wizard will then appear. Click “next” and accept the license agreement.
UnhackMe Setup Wizard

Click “Next” a few more times and install the program into your selected folder. By clicking “Finish”, the setup will complete and the main program will appear.

Immediately after installation, an initial scan will start automatically. It is recommended to let this run, but if you would like to stop it, just click “skip” in the center of the scan window.

UnhackMe Initial Scan

Once the initial scan is finished, the main UnHackMe product window will appear and you can scan your system for any threats.

UnhackMe Main Window

How Much RAM Does UnHackme Use?

The amount of RAM UnHackMe uses depends on your system setup. Here are the relevant minimum UnhackMe system requirements:

  • Windows 9x, 2000/2003/XP/2008/Vista/Seven or higher, 32 or 64 bit
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 70 MB available hard drive space.

Newer systems that run on Windows 10 will likely have at least 4 GB of RAM, and often much more. This is ample RAM to run UnHackMe and its scans.

Our Test

UnhackMe Scan Memory

We tested UnHackMe on a Windows 10 PC with 12 GB of RAM installed. Actual memory usage in our tests was quite low and the speed of the computer was barely affected.

To learn more about UnHackMe you can read our complete UnHackMe Review here.