Webcams have become popular peripherals for communicating online today. But would you believe that hackers can commandeer your webcam to spy on you? They can, and the only way to stop them is with an effective system protection tool. Webroot Internet Security Plus can indirectly protect your webcam by stopping malware that can hijack it.

Why Is Webcam Hacking So Dangerous?

Using a webcam to make phone calls or informational videos to post online can seem harmless and safe. However, this can expose you to data and privacy theft. If a hacker manages to access your webcam, your behaviors, conversations, and even logins can be stolen. The main way this can occur is through malicious software or websites that have functions that directly gain control of the webcam video stream. You must take proactive steps and have antivirus software that protects against malware to keep your webcam from being hacked.

Signs Your Webcam is Hacked

There are some subtle signs your webcam has been hacked. They include:

  • The LED light is blinking randomly
  • Your antivirus software needs updating
  • You have no firewall protection
  • Your PC is behaving strangely

The main way that webcams become hacked is through malware, specifically spyware, remote administration tools (RATs), and Trojan Horses. These are usually downloaded unsuspectingly by users through email attachments and P2P file sharing sites.

Ways to prevent Webcam Hacking

There are several things you can do to prevent webcam hacking:

  • Only use trusted and complete antivirus software
  • Secure your Wi-Fi
  • Use virtual private network (VPN)
  • Have a firewall

Can Webroot Internet Security Plus Protect Your Webcam?

Having antivirus and anti-malware software installed and running on your computer is perhaps the best way to combat webcam hackers. Webroot Internet Security Plus provides excellent protection from all types of malware that can invade your system. It also provides a Firewall and Web Shield for active monitoring of inbound and outbound traffic.

To Recap…

Webcams are very useful for online communications, but also expose the users to the risk of privacy and data threats. Having strong antivirus protection software installed on your system along with safe online practices can help greatly. Webroot Internet Security Plus can play this role and protect you from malware and viruses which can hijack your webcam.

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