Exterminate It!, by Curio Laboratories, is a program that comprehensively detects and removes many types of malware. It is even designed to catch threats that other antivirus programs will miss. It is easy to use and works very similar to other antivirus and anti-malware software on the market today.

Once installed, it will only take a few clicks to detect and clear your system from worms, Trojans, and rootkits. The program is also very fast and reliable.

A Sophisticated Anti-malware Engine

Like other sophisticated anti-malware and antivirus software packages, Exterminate It! uses a complex mechanism that thoroughly scans your system. Exterminate It! recognizes malware signatures and matches them with known threats in their large online database.

The software also comes with daily updates to keep your system protected against new and future threats. Malware never stays the same as it is constantly evolving, and Exterminate It! is always improving its
malware defenses.

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Exterminate It! Features

Exterminate It! includes a functionality that allows the user to send an issue to Curio Laboratories, and they will provide a fix within 24 hours. When used alongside another major antivirus program, Exterminate It! can help your PC stay fast and clean.

The software can be run on a schedule by using the System Tools -> Task Scheduler on a Windows system. The GUI is very user friendly, simple and easy to navigate. Exterminate It! also uses very little system resources.

Exterminate It! has a professional support team that can help you even if the problem is not “malware related”. Also, if you purchase the software at the right time, it can come with significant discounts, giving you cheap and effective protection.

So, Exterminate It! can be the right anti-malware program for your system if it matches your needs.

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