If an antivirus program claims to detect and remove viruses and malware, then it should show some proof of doing so. Exterminate It! detects and removes many types of system threats and keeps an expanding database of them available to view on its website.

Exterminate it handles these types of online threats:

  • Malware
  • Adware
  • Trojans
  • Spyware
  • and more

Top 100 Alerts

Here are some malware programs that were detected and removed by Exterminate It!:

  • RUPRUP_3.1.x_Registrator.exe
  • Funla.tst
  • psv_U-job
  • psv_Tree-Dox
  • psv_Touch-Tom
  • psv_Silzap
  • psv_Lexilam

All malware activity detected by Exterminate It! users over the past 30 days are listed on their site. This list includes all malware types presented in a sorted and numbered list.

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Latest 100 Malware Files

This listing has the 100 latest malware files recently detected and removed by Exterminate It! users. All information is provided anonymously and is sorted by the date of removal.

There are instructions provided on how to remove each of these threats from your system, along with remediation measures.


Exterminate It! has a “Malpedia” on their site that gives details about each threat and how to handle them. This web page has an index type layout and you can browse the threats by name using the starting letter.

Known Threats and Last Update

The Exterminate It! website has the number of known threats listed on the top right of the main page, as well as the last update.

Submit State

If you scan your system with Exterminate It! and your issue is not detected, your system could still show signs of a malware infection. In this case, you can use the “Submit State” screen which will allow you to share the problem with the Exterminate It! team. They will then create a solution within 24 hours and provide it for you.

This update will also be shared with other Exterminate It! users, so they can remove the same threat from their systems.

To Recap…

Exterminate It! removes all types of threats from users’ systems. They also provide listings of recent top threats detected by the community. This makes Exterminate It! a better product with each passing day.

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