SpyHunter is Bad

Why is SpyHunter Bad Software?

So your computer is slowing down a bit, and perhaps a few popup advertisements have caught your attention. This could mean malware has infected your computer.

The next step is to choose a good anti-malware program and get down to the business of fixing your system. However, not all anti-malware tools are the same, and some are downright dangerous to install on your computer.

Yet, many anti-malware programs have good reputations in the market place, earned via effectively removing malware and garnering good reviews.

SpyHunter, by Enigma software, may not be one of them. Despite being a known product for many years (the current version is 5), some users have posted bad reviews of the software due to several issues.

Safecart May Have Problems

Safecart, the back end payment system used by Enigma software, may have some issues. Many buyers have complained of unfair charging practices. The Safecart payment system has even been claimed to have charged customers over and over again on their credit cards without them agreeing to it, or even knowing about it until after the fact.

Many users have made posts describing the problem and that they had filed complaints and asked for refunds from Safecart and had not been compensated.

SpyHunter May Not Work Well Enough

SpyHunter may be difficult to remove from a computer and can even cause more problems on your system than it ever fixes. Also, many reviewers on the web who have used SpyHunter to remove malware from their systems and consider the tool to be less than stellar.

Try searching the web and reading some reviews after which you can better judge if this is a program you want on your computer.

To be serious, most home and business computer systems are significant investments. Fixing or replacing a virus infected computer can also cost time and money. So, why cause more problems for your computer than you are trying to solve?

To Recap…

Considering all of this, we recommend buyers choose from one of the many other anti-malware programs out there that actually work well and have good reputations. Some of these programs are reviewed right here on this website for you.

In the end, it is your time and money that matters, and a disrupted computer system can affect both of these.

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