Working and shopping on the internet means there is a chance a hacker can steal your personal information. If you are a working parent or cash- strapped student, then you know that any attempt to steal you or your family’s personal information is very bad. As a defense against this threat, users need a strong anti-malware protection and Exterminate It! can provide this.

What Happens During Identity Theft?

Once a cyber criminal’s malware is installed on your system, it will go to work accessing your personal data including bank account numbers, social security numbers, and medical records. These malicious programs can hijack your system and send information to a hacker’s server where it is available for them to use as they wish.

Almost any piece of software on a user’s system can be used by hackers to access personal information. These most commonly include operating systems, popular internet browsers, and office applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word.

Specific Online Threats

Spyware, Keyloggers, And Phishing

Spyware is a type of malware that “spies” on users once it is installed on their system. Users usually download these after being tricked by hackers who apply social engineering tactics. However, they can also be delivered as secondary payloads of Trojans that sneak their way onto a user’s system without any direct user involvement.


Keyloggers are malware that monitor the user’s keystrokes and send the data to a cyber criminal’s server. As users type their passwords, addresses, and account numbers, a keylogger can observe and log this key data for later use by a cyber criminal. Once this happens, a user’s identity is exposed to those seeking to steal it.


Phishing gets users to share personal information by implementing social engineering tricks. These are directed towards the emotions of users, such as fear or greed. Most phishing attacks happen via emails that look as if they are from legitimate sources such as a trusted co-worker or business. Clicking on the provided link takes the user to a website that asks for a login which captures their username and password.

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Hacked Social Media Sites

Bugs in social media sites such as Facebook can allow hackers to access users’ information. This attack is not directly connected to the user’s system, so it is unlikely to be prevented with antivirus and anti-malware software.

Preventing Identity Theft

Having a password manager can help prevent keyboard logging by hackers. Also, checking your credit report and financial accounts regularly for any anomalies. Having multi-factor authentification enabled (MFA) also helps. Last but not least, have strong antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall protection installed on your PC or Mac.

To Recap…

The internet provides great opportunity for everyone, but also requires users to be responsible for staying protected against online threats. Identity theft is a serious issue for any working professional or parent, and can negatively affect their lives. Being prepared and protected is the best way to prevent it from happening.

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