Zillya Total Security Installation

Zillya! Total Security Installation

Most antivirus programs are fairly easy and straightforwards to install. In this post, we will guide you through the installation of Zillya! Total Security for the PC.


The setup file will appear on the bottom left of your Windows screen. Click this file to run the setup.

A window will then appear asking if you want this app to make changes to your device. Click Yes.

Select Setup Language, click OK. Windows installer will say it is preparing to install. After this, the Zillya! Total Security install window will appear.

Zillya Total Security Install

If you would like, you can view the license agreement and privacy policy by clicking on the lower button on this screen. To continue installing, click “Install.”

This will start the installation process.

For more information, see our Zillya! Total Security Review here.

Zillya Total Security Installing

A status bar window will appear. This process can take a few minutes, at most.

Zillya Total Security Install Complete

Once complete, a window will appear saying the installation was successful. Click “Close” to finish the installation process.

A Zillya! Total Security app icon should appear on your desktop and system tray. You can click on either of these to start the program.

Zillya Total Security Main Program Window

You may have to restart your computer to have the desktop shortcut work properly. Once finished, you can open the main program window, manually scan your system, and do further setup.

To Recap…

Zillya! Total Security is fairly easy to install. It’s user-interface is clear and simple, so a regular PC user should have few if any problems getting it started.

For more information, see our Zillya! Total Security Review here.