Zillya! Total Security VS Webroot Internet Security Plus

Zillya! Total Security VS. Webroot Internet Security Plus

Choosing the right antivirus software to protect your PC is crucial to keeping it protected from online threats. Since there are many products to choose from, this is not always easy. In this post, we compare Zillya! Total Security versus Webroot Internet Security Plus to help you see which one is best for you.

Webroot Internet Security Plus

Webroot Internet Security Plus is a well-known system protection program that provides fast and effective scans. There are many options included for users of all experience levels that go beyond just custom scanning. It has very few negatives which mostly relate to some hidden features that ordinary users may miss.


  • Anti-phishing
  • Fast Scans
  • Many useful options
  • Firewall included
  • Covers smartphones and tablets
  • Password Management
  • Complete protection from threats
  • Harmful Site Blocking
  • Webcam protection


  • Options are 2+ clicks deep
  • No online backup
  • No parental controls

Another minus is the gear wheel icons next to each menu option hide additional features that are slightly difficult to see.

Overall, Webroot Internet Security has many strengths and offers complete protection from all types of online threats. Its scanning is fast and effective and provides an easy-to-use interface for users of all experience levels.

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Zillya! Total Security

Zillya! Total Security is a less well-known but effective antivirus program. It has a simple and clear user interface that is easy to navigate. Some scans can take more time than other programs but are thorough nonetheless. Menu item linking can be somewhat unclear when first using this program and takes some time to get used to. Overall it provides many useful options for system security.


  • Anti-phishing
  • Clear user interface
  • A large number of useful options
  • Broad system protection
  • Parental control
  • Site-blocking
  • Firewall included


  • Slow (but thorough) scans
  • Confusing menu item locations

Zillya! Total Security provides a complete suite of tools to help protect your PC from online threats.

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  • Zillya! Total Security – €35.67 EUR ($39.86 USD)
  • Webroot Internet Security Plus – $59.99


Both of these products have many strengths and provide good antivirus capabilities. Overall, each one can be of benefit to parents, students, or professionals. Webroot is a more well-known company so this may give some assurance to the consumer. The price difference is significant favoring Zillya! Total Security, so those on a budget may look to this antivirus to protect their systems.

To Recap….

This post can help you select which of these two antivirus products are best for your system. There are many other products available as well to compare.

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